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What to expect from your Endocrinology Visit

​When you schedule your endocrinology consultation at FirstMed Rome, you're in for a personalized, patient-first experience with our endocrinologist. Keeping up with the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment, our consultants ensure you receive top-notch care tailored just for you. 

The endocrinology visit usually involves:

  • a complete medical history

  • a head-to-toe exam

  • diagnostic tests

  • family history of hormonal problems

  • dietary and lifestyle habits

  • an explanation of your management plan

Your appointment will start with a measurement of your height, weight, and vital signs, including blood pressure and pulse. Then your doctor will create a customized treatment plan, taking the time to explain every detail and address all your questions. Most importantly, they consider your overall well-being by looking at your total health and understanding how various conditions and treatments may interconnect. 


Appointments last around 20-30 minutes. During the appointment, your endocrinologist will ask you questions about your physical health and answer any concerns you may have about your health. Try to give as much detail as possible regarding how you’re feeling and what your symptoms are. This will help the doctor decide on the best course of action.


Don't forget to make an appointment to see our endocrinologist, and prepare by making notes about your specific concerns.

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Our top-rated endocrinologists can help you find the answers you are looking for and get the relief and prompt treatment you need. They are experts in their respective fields, with experience treating complex endocrine disorders.

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Our endocrinology specialties

We offer expert care and treatment across various endocrine disorders and diseases.

Explore our endocrine specialties:

  • Diabetes management

  • Thyroid disorders and cancer

  • Hashimoto's thyroiditis

  • Obesity

  • Graves' disease

  • Adrenal disorders

  • High cholesterol - Hypercholesterolemia

  • Hypogonadism

  • Menopause

  • Female reproductive disorders

  • Male reproductive disorders

  • Addison's disease

  • Cushing's syndrome

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Can't make it to us?
Connect with your doctor from anywhere in the world with 'Virtual Visits!'

While we love seeing you in-person at the clinic, we understand that it’s not always convenient to do so. Telemedicine visits allow us to extend the reach of our services without sacrificing the quality of our care. Getting started is simple and doesn't require any downloads or account creations!

How it works

Request your appointment

You will schedule and prepay for your appointment on this site

Watch for email confirmation

We will email you with the date, time, and instructions of your appointment

Connect with your doctor

At the designated time, open the link attached to your confirmation email


When should I see an endocrinologist?

If you are having hormone-related problems and complications, such as an overactive thyroid, diabetes, fertility, etc., or if your family doctor refers you to an endocrinologist if they believe a hormone problem is the underlying cause of a health problem, you should see an endocrinologist as soon as possible.

Can I pay for the visit with insurance?

Yes, we accept many types of international private insurance. Please check out our insurance page or call to confirm before your visit!

Will the endocrinologist give me a prescription for medication?

Depending on your symptoms and the doctor's conclusion about your condition, your Endocrinologist may prescribe medication right away or may prescribe further diagnostics through lab testing, diagnostic imaging, or other types of tests. 

Can endocrinologists help with weight loss?

Yes, they can manage weight-related issues and provide tailored care plans to help you lose weight. Our endocrinologist also specialized in obesity.

Care may include:

  • Diet advice

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Medicines

Can I use my tessera sanitaria or European health card (EHIC) to pay for the visit?

Unfortunately FirstMed does not have any billing agreements with the Italian (SSN) or European public health systems. As a private medical clinic, all visits are subject to payment. However, for long-term patients paying out of pocket, FirstMed offers a Value Card to give advantageous prices on several types of services. We also have student discounts and accept a wide array of international insurance policies!

What are the first signs of diabetes?

The first signs of diabetes can vary from person to person. Common early diabetes symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision.

  • Excessive thirst.

  • Fatigue.

  • Frequent need to pee.

  • Increased hunger.

  • Infections.

  • Slow wound healing.

  • Unexplained weight loss.

Is there a cure for thyroid disease?

The outcome of thyroid disease varies. While some thyroid disorders can be well managed, a total cure may not be possible in all cases.

Do you accept walk-in visits?

Yes, we do, but it's advisable to call ahead when you can, because our endocrinologist may not be at the clinic at the time you come in to the clinic. Please keep in mind that you may have a long wait as well if there are other patients already scheduled.

How long does a visit take?

Generally, visits last about 20-30 minutes depending on your condition.

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