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General Laboratory Tests

Our lab performs a variety of diagnostic and preventive tests to keep you in the know about your health. We offer blood, urine, stool, swab and tissue culture tests and more to meet your needs.

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Lab Tests in Rome

Lab tests often serve as a physician’s first method of diagnostics. Your doctor may prescribe certain types of lab tests based on your symptoms, medical history, and recent activity (if relevant). Our lab is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and also Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. so please be sure to schedule your requests with this information in mind. If you have a prescription or need to perform routine tests, don’t worry! The FirstMed team will take care of you.

How does it work?

If you are a first-time patient, we will complete a short registration. Following this, the nurse will call you back to take your sample. Sample collection usually takes less than 10 minutes. If you have a urine or stool sample to be tested, you are welcome to inform the nurse upon arrival and pass it to him or her. Be sure to follow the guidelines prior to testing to make sure your appointment goes smoothly.

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How can I prepare for my lab work?

As you probably know, many lab tests may require the patient to be fasting for at least 8-12 hours. This means no food or drink may be consumed except for water. For any urine testing, the best sample is taken first thing in the morning. If you need to have lab work done, please contact us in advance to learn more about any special preparations you may need to take into consideration.

What kinds of lab tests can I get at FirstMed?

In addition to traditional lab testing, FirstMed also offers specialized testing, like:


Not sure which one you need?

If you are unsure which lab tests you need done or would like a doctor’s opinion on the results, our in-house GP is always available for a pre-test consultation, a post-lab follow-up, or a Telemedicine conversation. For FirstMed Value Card holders (now free to you!), your consultation comes at a special price. Click below to make an appointment now!

Call us

(+39) 064 006 1402

WhatsApp Us

(+39) 338 312 6331

How and when do I get my results?

Once the lab has processed the sample, FirstMed will send you an email with your results. All results can be sent by email except HIV, which must be picked up in person according to Italian medical law. The timeframe for your results to come back will vary depending on the type of exams you have. If your labs were prescribed by a FirstMed physician, the results will also be forwarded to this provider for their evaluation. Please ask the nurse or your medical provider how long the results should take.

How do I schedule a lab test appointment?

You can contact FirstMed by phone, email, WhatsApp, or live chat on the site to schedule your lab appointment. Here are a few tips that can help facilitate booking:

  • Desired test(s) clearly indicated

  • An authorized signature from your healthcare provider (in case of a prescription)

  • You may send us your test request by email, WhatsApp, or through our live chat

  • Fasting might be necessary, please ask ahead of time

  • You are welcome to ask for a cost quote ahead of time

Why get tested at FirstMed?

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There are many reasons to choose FirstMed, amongst which the top are:

  • Our medical team and customer care staff are fluent both in English and Italian

  • Results can be provided in English or Italian (or both languages, upon request)

  • FirstMed has an on-site laboratory

  • Little to no waiting time if you’ve booked an appointment

  • Service is confidential, comprehensive, and simple to use

  • Results (excluding HIV) can be sent by email for your convenience

  • FirstMed works with many international insurance companies

  • Our clinic is well connected by public transport and near the city center


See our FAQs section to learn more about our services!

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