Laboratory technician works with blood samples


Our on-site lab has become a resource for important medical tests. FirstMed laboratory services may include, but are not limited to:

  • STD testing

  • Blood testing

  • Flu diagnosis

  • Strep throat diagnosis

  • Arthiritis diagnosis

  • Mononucleosis diagnosis

  • Thyroid disease diagnosis

  • Urinalysis drug testing

  • Microscopies full lab panels


In some situations, X-ray imaging is essential. It can help to identify serious problems. Our X-ray lab is particularly useful for:

  • Bone injury and bone health

  • Chest disease and pneumonia

  • Disgetive problems and swallowed objects

  • Enlarged heart


We operate the X-ray equipment under strict control from the health authorities to ensure that all radiation exposures are kept to the absolute minimum. Doctors at FirstMed only perform X-rays when medically indicated.

English speaking radiologist reads x-rays
English speaking nurse perfoms an ultrasound


Using our ultrasound machine, our doctors can generate high-resolution images of different bodily regions such as the thyroid, breast, abdomen and pelvis as well as dynamic studies to check for problems with blood flow in arteries and veins.

As most people are aware, ultrasound is a very safe technology without the risks of radiation exposure that other imaging modalities carry. With this in mind, we try to make full use of this excellent technology to enhance patient care.