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Annual Health Plan



To cover the most essential health services you may need throughout the year, we designed the Annual Health Plan, including a check-up! If you buy it now, you will save around 50% of the total estimated value! 


We offer the Annual Plan at a special rate of EUR 450.

Annual Check-up

3 Visits  

(Specialist + 2 GP Visits)

Strep Throat +

Covid-19 Test

Colds, flu, covid-19, strep throat, minor fractures or bronchitis, and more.

We’ve got you covered!

With our wellness and prevention services -- Annual check-up -- we’ll help you get (and stay) healthy. Plus, you will have 3 visits including 1 Specialist Visit, 2 General Practitioner visits, 3 tests (Covid-19 or Strep Throat Test).

Quick responses, shorter waiting times, comprehensive consultations!

The quickest way to get treated! 

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Annual Check-up

Prevention is the best medicine! During your consultation, our doctor will review the risk factors that could potentially lead to future health problems and provide expert advice on how to manage them. 

Your doctor:

  • identifies issues that may become medical concerns in the future

  • updates necessary immunizations

  • ensures you are maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine

  • builds a relationship with you and follows your condition

  • maintains needed screening tests at the right intervals

Additionally, your routine diagnostic tests and physical examination will be covered by FirstMed doctors. Click down below to see what is included in the Annual Check-up

Total value of €270!



With Annual Health Plan, if you're injured unexpectedly, you have three (3) consultations with a FirstMed doctor for a wide variety of ailments.


Visits include a choice between:


As we have an in-house lab, we have the skills and equipment needed to perform tests, scans and treatments, and provide continuous care for patients.

You can also use your visits for injuries, sicknesses, and ailments that require immediate medical attention, but are not life-threatening. Click here to learn more about urgent care.

Total value of €480

Annual Check-up
Patient traveling safely


Antigen or Strep Throat Test

Antigen tests are the quickest way to determine a possible Covid-19 or strep throat infection. Annual Health Plan includes three (3) quantitative rapid antigen or strep throat tests to be used when you need them. 

Quantitative antigen tests:

  • have high sensitivity and high-level detection accuracy

  • give a result within 15 minutes

  • measure viral proteins

Total value of €75

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Annual Health Plan.png

Need seamless care in Rome?

Now it's only €350

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