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Italy to Lift Obligations for Outdoor Mask-Wearing

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

In response to an improving Coronavirus situation, Italy's government will lift the outdoor face masking mandate under most circumstances on 11 February.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza set new rules, and from February 11th until at least March 31st, it will be necessary to wear protective masks only in crowded areas and in indoor public venues. This is regardless of a region's risk status under the government's color-coded system of Covid restrictions.

Italy's Deputy Health Minister Andrea Costa said, "We must give a positive sign, for two years our citizens have respected rules and restrictions and have joined the vaccination campaign en masse." He also added that, "...dropping the obligation of outdoor masks does not mean abandoning caution."

Earlier, Health Minister Speranza and Sports Minister Valentina Vezzali said the government aimed to steadily increase the attendance limits at sports stadiums as of March 1st. They intended to raise attendance ceilings from 50% to 75% of capacity for outside stadiums and from 35% to 60% of capacity for indoor ones.

In previous weeks, the government eased some restrictions for schools and people who are vaccinated against Covid. Additionally, if you want to read more about the regulations which came into effect in January and the scope of the Super Green Pass, click here to learn more.

According to Wanted in Rome, more than 88% of Italy's population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated, and 35 million people have received a third dose. Even if a large part of the population joined the vaccination campaign, we are still fighting Covid. Italy's rate of new Covid-19 infections and hospitalisations has been gradually declining in recent weeks, but the death toll remains stubbornly high.

All in all, we need to take every precaution and protect ourselves and those around us from Covid-19. Remember to use sanitizer and clean your hands often. Wear your mask. Maintain a safe distance from others. If you are a traveler in Rome and need to be in crowded touristic areas, you may prefer small exclusive tours by Carpe Diem Rome Tours to avoid being in large group tours.

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