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New Decree on ‘Super Green Pass’ effective as of January 10th!

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The new regulation came into effect on Monday, January 10th with the government once again expanding the scope of the Super Green Pass (SGP). A "reinforced" version of the basic Green Pass certificate–which proves that the holder has either been vaccinated against Covid-19 or recovered from the virus within the last six months–the SGP does not cover those who have tested negative in the previous 48 hours (the basic green pass can be obtained by having a negative test result, in addition to vaccination or recovery). Click here to read more about the difference between the basic and Super Green Pass.

Here's what we know so far about how the new Super Green Pass system will work!

Where will the new 'Super Green Pass' be required?

As Italy has faced a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks, the Italian government has expanded the use of the reinforced Green Pass.

Here are all the venues to which the SGP requirement will be added from January 10th, according to the latest information on the government’s website:

  • All restaurants and bars, for both indoor and outdoor dining, including in hotel eateries

  • All forms of public transport - local, regional and national - including planes, trains, ships, buses, trams and subways

  • School buses serving children aged 12 and up

  • Hotels

  • Ski lifts

  • All indoor and outdoor swimming pools, wellness centers, gyms and team sports facilities, including changing rooms

  • All indoor and outdoor spas and thermal baths, except for “essential rehabilitation or therapeutic treatments”

  • Archaeological sites, museums, exhibitions and cultural venues, including libraries

  • Celebrations relating to religious or civil ceremonies

  • Fairs, festivals, conventions and conferences

  • Theme parks

  • Indoor and outdoor cultural, social and recreational centers (excluding educational centers for children)

  • Games rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos

This is in addition to the venues where the SGP is already required:

  • Cinemas, indoor theatres, and concert halls

  • Sports stadiums

  • Visits to residential and care homes (either a booster dose or a negative test is also required here)

Other new Super Green Pass rules that will be valid on the 10th of January

  • People must continue to wear face masks outside if they are in yellow, orange, or red zones

  • Commuters must wear the more protective FFP2 masks on public transport and intercity trains. Police officers will be deployed around the city to ensure the new rules are being followed

  • The wait time between the last dose of the Covid vaccine and the 'booster' shot will be reduced from 5 to 4 months

  • Mandatory vaccination for all people over age 50 in Italy, effective February 15th

  • Starting January 20th, the basic Green Pass will be needed to access hairdressers and beauticians, while from February 1st it will be required to enter banks, post offices, non-essential shops and shopping centers

Unvaccinated people will still be able to access grocery shops, supermarkets and pharmacies. Additionally, the basic Green Pass remains valid to enter the workplace for all categories of workers not subject to a vaccine mandate. (If you want to know where to get covid tested in Rome, click here to learn more.)

Do the SGP rules apply to children?

  • Italy’s current Green Pass rules (basic and SGP) do not apply to children under 12-years-old and to people exempt from the vaccination campaign on health grounds, and this will remain the case under the new decree.

Do these rules apply to foreign visitors?

  • The Green Pass requirements remain the same for entry to Italy at the moment

  • Current Green Pass rules apply to everyone in the country regardless of nationality, residency, or any other factors. It is very likely that this will be the case with the new restrictions.


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