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Italy tightens Covid rules with ‘Super Green Pass’ as of December 6! What is the Super Green Pass?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Wednesday evening announced incoming restrictions approved by the Italian government. The new regulation aims at keeping the coronavirus infection rate under control this holiday season! Those who are unvaccinated face bans from a range of activities due to the new Super Green Pass. Here's what we know so far about how the new Super Green Pass system will work!

What is the new 'Super Green Pass'?

  • The Super Green Pass is a "reinforced" version of the Green Pass certificate, which proves that the holder has either been vaccinated against Covid-19, recovered from the virus within the last six months, or tested negative in the last couple of days.

  • The Super Green Pass will only apply to those who have been vaccinated. This means that those who haven’t been vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid-19 will no longer be able to access cultural or leisure venues where the Green Pass is currently required.

  • The new system is set to take effect under a new decree starting Monday, December 6th, and will remain in force until at least January 15th.

  • According to the new measures, the validity of the Green Pass has been reduced from 9 to 6 months as of 1st of February.

  • After getting a third dose or Covid-19 booster, the green pass will last 9 months after the date of injection

  • Furthermore, people will have to wear face masks outside if they are in yellow, orange, or red zones.

What's the difference between a green pass and a super green pass?

  • At the moment having the Green Pass means that a person has been vaccinated for Covid-19, has recovered from the virus in the last six months, or has tested negative in the 48 hours.

  • It is possible for unvaccinated people to obtain a Green Pass but they need to keep taking Covid-19 tests every few days to get a new one.

  • Under the new decree with the Super Green Pass, stricter requirements have been extended to hotels, regional and interregional trains, and local public transport, gyms, and dressing rooms, meaning a pass is required for access but this can be based on a negative test result, according to reports from news agency Ansa citing government sources.

  • There are currently no Green Pass requirements for entry to shops and supermarkets, and this appears to remain the case under the incoming rules.

Where will the ‘super green pass’ be required?

  • Indoor restaurants and bars, cinemas, theatres, museums, nightclubs, ski lifts, sporting stadiums, among other social and cultural venues.

  • As of 6th of December, passes issued based on negative test results will only be valid for entry to workplaces, public transport and other venues deemed essential.

How long will the pass be valid?

  • As of February, 1 the validity of the Super Green Pass for those who have had at least two doses of the covid vaccine is reduced from nine to six months. However the government is considering the possibility of extending the validity of the pass indefinitely for those who have had the third "booster" dose, with news expected on this front in the coming days.

  • According to The Local, people will be allowed to get a booster shot five rather than six months after completion of the vaccination cycle.

Do the ‘super green pass’ rules apply to children?

  • Italy’s current green pass rules do not apply to children under 12-years-old, and this will remain the case under the new decree.

Do these rules apply to foreign visitors?

  • The Green Pass requirements remain the same for entry to Italy at the moment. The government has not specifically mentioned how the new ‘Super Green Pass’ rules will apply to international visitors in Italy.

  • Current Green Pass rules apply to everyone in the country regardless of nationality, residency, or any other factors. It is very likely that this will be the case with the new restrictions.

Do I have to wear masks outdoors in Rome?

As of Saturday, December 4th until midnight on December 31st, 2021, outdoor masks will be obligatory in the following locations of Rome’s historic center:

  • Via del Corso

  • Via di Ripetta

  • Via del Babuino

  • Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina

  • Piazza del Parlamento

  • Piazza San Silvestro

  • Largo Chigi

  • Largo Carlo Goldoni

  • Piazza di Spagna

  • Piazza del Popolo

  • Via della Croce

  • Via dei Condotti

  • Via Borgognona

  • Via Frattina

And in the following shopping areas:

  • Via Cola di Rienzo

  • Via Marcantonio Colonna

  • Via Fabio Massimo

  • Piazza Cola di Rienzo

  • Via Ottaviano

  • Viale Giulio Cesare

  • Via Candia

  • Viale Libia

Masks must also be worn in other outdoor areas including markets, exhibitions, and other Christmas events.

Children under the age of six, people with disabilities, and those engaged in sporting activities are excluded from Rome's outdoor mask obligation.

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