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X-ray Imaging in Rome

An X-ray is a painless and fast procedure to examine the bones and can be used to detect a range of different conditions. Whether it's a fracture, an infection, or another issue affecting the bones, X-rays provide valuable insights for accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

X-ray Services at FirstMed

We can do various types of X-rays and provide rapid turnaround times. Some of the most popular are below:

  • Chest X-ray

  • Abdomen X-ray

  • 1-Joint (hand/wrist/foot/knee/ankle/digit) X-ray

  • 2-joints X-ray

  • Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Spine X-ray

  • Pelvis & Hips X-ray 

We almost have the same day availabilities for the X-ray. If you wish to make an appointment, our customer care specialists are happy to assist you. Contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more!

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Why should I get the X-ray done at FirstMed?

Short Wait Times
Stress-free Environment
Simple, Fast & Efficient

What can I expect during the X-ray?

We understand that undergoing an X-ray can feel daunting, but knowing what to expect can help you feel more prepared and comfortable. Depending on the type of X-ray you need, you may be asked to remove eyewear, hearing aids, jewelry, or other metal items that could interfere with the scan. You may also be asked to wear a gown to obtain views of the affected area. Not to worry - we'll ensure you have access to a private dressing room where you can securely leave your clothing and other personal items. 

During an X-ray, the machine emits a safe level of radiation that passes through your body to capture images on a specialized plate. You won't feel the X-ray itself, and our skilled X-ray technicians will position your body to obtain the necessary views, often using pillows or sandbags to help you maintain the correct position. It's important to remain still and, at times, hold your breath during the exposure to ensure that the images captured are clear and accurate.

We understand that each person's healthcare needs are unique, and X-ray procedures can vary in duration. For simple X-rays, the procedure may take just a few minutes, while more involved procedures may require a bit more time.​​​

Your child's X-ray

At FirstMed, we understand the importance of maintaining your child's comfort and safety during medical procedures. When we perform an X-ray for a child, our skilled technicians adjust the radiation levels based on the child's age, ensuring the procedure is safe and effective. 

For young children, restraints or other tools may be utilized to help them remain still during the X-ray. These measures are designed to protect the child and minimize the need for repeat procedures, which may be required if the child moves during image capture. Rest assured, these measures are safe and are implemented with the child's well-being in mind.

We recognize the significance of parental presence during medical procedures, and you may be permitted to remain with your child during the X-ray test. If you choose to stay in the room during the X-ray exposure, we'll ensure your safety and peace of mind for both you and your child to avoid any unnecessary radiation exposure.

How can I get my X-ray report?

When it comes to reviewing your X-ray results, the digital saving of X-rays allows for swift access and viewing on-screen within short time. A specialized radiologist carefully examines and interprets the results, and a detailed report is then transmitted to a member of your dedicated healthcare team. If your healthcare provider is a FirstMed doctor, then they will explain the results to you, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the findings. If you already have your own doctor, the results will be sent to your email with a password-protected file.


You will receive the X-ray report within 1 - 3 working days depending on the emergency level. In the event of an emergency, your X-ray results can be expedited and made available as soon as possible, enabling prompt and efficient care when every second counts.

Why it's done

Generally your doctor may prescribe an x-ray for a suspected bone fracture or other orthopedic diagnostics, but they could also prescribe an x-ray for other reasons. We provide x-rays for urgent, non-emergency needs.


  • Bone fractures and infections can usually be easily identified through x-rays.

  • Joint imaging can highlight the presence of arthritis, and continuous imaging can help your doctor understand potential arthritic progression.

  • Scoliosis and other spinal conditions are identified and managed through x-rays.

  • X-rays can help identify tumors in or on your bones (benign and malignant).


Chest heath

  • Pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer can all be diagnosed with the help of x-ray images.



  • If your child has ingested a solid object (like a coin or battery), an abdominal x-ray can help locate it.

Is it safe to have an X-ray?

It's not uncommon for some individuals to have concerns about the safety of X-rays. This apprehension often stems from the potential effects of radiation exposure, which can lead to cell changes and raise the risk of developing cancer. It's important to note that the amount of radiation you're exposed to during an X-ray can vary depending on the specific tissue or organ being examined. Additionally, sensitivity to radiation differs based on age, with children generally being more sensitive than adults.


However, it's crucial to understand that the risk of radiation exposure from an X-ray is typically low, and the benefits of these tests far outweigh the potential risks. At FirstMed, our priority is your well-being, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety during any medical procedure, including X-rays.

That being said, if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant, it's vital to inform your healthcare team before undergoing an X-ray. While most diagnostic X-rays only pose a small risk to an unborn baby, your care team may opt for alternative imaging methods, such as ultrasound, to ensure the utmost safety for both you and your baby.

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