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100% Covered by Cigna*

Annual Checkup

Minimize your risk of disease and catch potential problems in their early stages! Book an appointment with Dr. Morgan Walsh, who trained in Ireland and has worked for the UK National Health Service, including St George's University Hospital and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trusts.

*Only one preventative check-up is included in most plans. It might vary depending on your plan. Contact us to find out.


What does the checkup include?

Why is an annual checkup important?

Minimize your risk of diseases 

Catch health conditions early, when they’re easier to treat and look for any underlying conditions or address any symptoms you experience.

Personalize your care

Builds a relationship with FirstMed doctors so that they will have a complete picture of your health and can provide you with quick, effective treatment. 

Save money

You’ll save not only time fighting illnesses but also money for medical bills down the road detecting issues before they get serious

Establish new baselines

Reviewing any changes that have occurred over the last year allows for a refreshed perspective on the healthy choices and lifestyle needed to fit your goals.


About the doctor 

Dr. Walsh graduated from University College Cork, Ireland with a First Class Honors degree in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Obstetrics (Honorary) (MB,BCh,BAO).

Before joining FirstMed Rome, he trained in the Republic of Ireland and has worked in both general and emergency medicine in some of the largest hospitals across Europe, including London's St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and St Thomas' Hospital. In addition, he has worked in the Irish healthcare system at Cork University Hospital and in Melbourne's Monash Medical Centre in Australia.

Working as a doctor in many different countries has given him a view of different and diverse healthcare systems and allowed him to experience the medical profession in a variety of cultures. With this he brings enthusiasm, drive and a passion for engaging with our patients in a warm and professional manner.

If you need an annual checkup, we provide same day appointments! Click on the button below and book now!


How long does the annual checkup take?

It takes about 30 - 40 minutes to complete.


At the first appointment, you will fill out FirstMed Health Assessment Questionnaire and your General Practitioner will evaluate the basic function of your organs, address any concerns, provide preventive screenings and make health recommendations to lower your risk of chronic diseases. After the nurse takes your blood sample, you will be done and will wait for the email where we send your lab test results. 

How long does it take to have the lab results back?

Once the lab has processed the sample, FirstMed will send you an email with your results. The timeframe for your results to come back is usually 1-2 working days for blood and urine tests, but may vary based on the type of exam. Please ask the nurse or the customer care specialist at the time of your appointment how long the results should take.

What if my doctor refers me to a specialist?

If you are referred to a specialist, ask the reception about scheduling your visit. FirstMed has many specialists and will try to accomodate your availability.

How can I use my Cigna Card for the appointment?

Before your first visit, please send us a copy of your policy card issued by your insurance company and your date of birth. We will place it in your medical file and use it to set up direct billing.

What is there's nothing wrong with me?

If all your levels are within the normal ranges and your doctor makes no significant findings at your visit, then you're all set to go until next year's checkup!

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