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Prices and Payment Options

Our prices may vary between the different services we provide.

We have different payment options. You can by cash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, or insurance if it is listed on our site as one of the companies that we do direct billing.  

General Medicine


Specialist Visits




Lab Tests




*Starts from. The cost of the service may vary with the type of the visit.

Our prices are determined based on different factors:


  • Almost everyone on our staff, especially those who have direct patient contact, must speak fluent English. We must pay higher salaries to doctors, nurses, lab technicians and others who speak English as well as their native Italian. 

  • We are a private clinic, as such we receive absolutely no funding or special treatment from the government regarding tax breaks. In fact Italy has one of the highest VAT in the EU.

  • Our clinic provides documentation in English and is coded for most international insurances. We 'direct bill' to over 30 different international insurance companies. Thus, our prices are geared for those people who have international insurance. None of these insurers have a problem with our prices.

Sample table - Included services and discounted prices:

24h Holter
Anesthetist / Pain Therapy
Cardiological visit with Echocardiography
Covid Antigen Test
Covid PCR Test
ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat)
General Medicine
General Surgery
Lab Test
Non Agonistico (Non competitive) Sports Certificate
Radiology - Ultrasound
Radiology - X-ray
STD Testing - Blood Panel
STD Testing - Full Panel
STD Testing - Swab Panel
STD Testing - Urine

This is a sample table. Prices subject to change.

*The cost varies on the type of the lab tests. It starts from €10.

**The cost varies on the type of the Ultrasound and X-ray. It starts from €80.

***Chlamydia swab test is not included in the package. The cost of the test is €45.

Payment Options

You can choose from the following:

Cash: You can pay cash at the front desk after your visit.
Credit/Debit cards: You can pay by credit card at the front desk after your visit. We take Visa, MasterCard, and others.
Prepayment: You can pay for selected medical services in advance online through bank transfer.

PayPal: You can make your payment through PayPal before or after your visit.
Direct billing to selected insurance companies: Take advantage of your private health insurance and have your bills directly settled by your insurer. Check our the insurances that we set up direct billing.

FirstMed cannot accept the Italian Health Card (Tessera Sanitaria) or European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as a private medical institution. If you would like more information, you can read our summary about the health care system in Italy.

Special Offers

  • We offer a range of special prices and discounts for students – please check out our page for more details.

  • FirstMed’s annual Healt Plans provide an affordable and convenient option to manage your and your family’s healthcare needs: get comprehensive coverage at a beneficial price.

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