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Where to Find English-Speaking Doctors and Medical Center in Rome

It’s as if the Eternal City has sent you on a wild scavenger hunt, but the prize is much more valuable than candy or jewels: it’s a doctor who can understand your concerns without the meanings getting lost in translation. As you probably know by now, Italy’s national health system is of very high quality. However, two things may deter you from using the SSN: long wait times to be seen and the language barrier. If you’re struggling to find high-quality medical service in English in Rome, read on to discover the prize.

English Speaking Medical Center in Rome

There are numerous private clinics in Rome that promise to cut down on the waiting time – tempi d’attesa – for a medical appointment, but the numbers get whittled down when it comes to English-speaking clinics. If you’re simply looking for an out-patient, multi-specialist facility, you might consider visiting FirstMed Centers. All of our doctors have had significant international experience during the course of their medical careers, and are available to investigate your medical concerns with you. In addition to being an international facility, FirstMed is located near the city center. It is easily reachable by tram, metro, and bus at the ‘Policlinico’ stop.

Not only does FirstMed stand out by accommodating both Italian and international patients in both languages, but we also accept a range of international and travelers’ insurance policies. This means that you can get this care at no extra cost to you. Whether you’re a tourist or traveler, an expat, or an international student, finding a doctor who is in tune with your needs is important for you and your family’s health.

English Speaking General Practitioner (GP) in Rome

Our range of GPs come from around Italy and are happy to help you. They are available daily for minor urgent care, colds, flu, and other general health concerns. Besides appointments for minor health issues, they can also help you to manage your chronic illness, give referrals for specialists and procedures, write and refill prescriptions, perform well-person exams and certificates, and work with you to develop a preventive medicine plan of action.

English Speaking Orthopedist in Rome

Dr. Roberto Castellani is among the top orthopedic surgeons. He graduated from Sapienza University of Rome and completed parts of his residency in New York City and the U.K. He specializes in trauma care, general orthopedics, and degenerative spinal diseases. Not only does Dr. Castellani diagnose and treat orthopedic conditions, but he performs surgical procedures. The orthopedic services that he can offer through FirstMed are x-rays, cast and splint placements, muscle strain and pain management, and sprain and fracture care.

English-Speaking Dermatologist in Rome

Dr. Carmen Cantisani has been working in dermatology for over ten years. She graduated with perfect marks from Sapienza University in Rome and completed a fellowship at Harvard University. She deals with general dermatology, neonatal and adolescent acne, cystic acne, alopecia treatment, mole mapping with and without imagery, keratosis, rosacea, cosmetic dermatology, and skin discolorations, dermal allergies, warts, fungus, and dermal tumors among other skin and dermal conditions.

English-Speaking Gynecologist in Rome

Dr. Alessandra Gatti is our trilingual gynecologist, with a high level of English and an intermediate level of French. Graduated from the University of Siena, Dr. Gatti performed undergraduate research at Yale University, and served as a consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters. In addition to gynecological visits, PAP tests, and STD screenings, she specializes in preventive gynecology, endocrinological gynecology, fetal and gynecological ultrasound, gynecological surgery, and gynecological oncology.

English-Speaking Telemedicine in Rome

If you’re looking for a GP, pediatric, or orthopedic telemedical visit, our doctors are available remotely. With telemedical visits in Rome, you don’t have to brave the traffic or bad weather to seek a doctor’s advice. This approximate half-hour slot gives you the opportunity to have your medical concerns evaluated by a professional. Telemedicine can also be a great method of follow-up for a previous appointment. You can talk with your doctor about any changes in your condition, the effects of a prescription, or ask any additional questions that may have escaped you during the appointment. Although this consultation is not a replacement for a conventional in-person visit, it could be useful to have a medical evaluation and consideration of your problems.

House calls in Rome

If you’re too sick to go out or you prefer to be seen in the comfort of your own home, consider having a house call. FirstMed offers you the opportunity through our partnership with MedinAction to have a house call for your various medical needs whether it be a GP visit, pediatrics, a COVID-19 antigen test, or nursing services. And, of course, they are available to communicate in English!

Congratulations if you made it to the end of the article. You’ve reaped the benefits of learning about a group of highly-skilled, accessible medical professionals in Rome. Living in the Eternal City can present different challenges. Make your life a little simpler by deciding to get your medical care in English and contact us now to get more information!

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