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Annual Check-up

Prevention is the best medicine.
Minimize your risk of disease and catch potential problems in their early stages!

Annual Check-up

Doctor and Patient

What does the check-up include?

During your consultation, your FirstMed doctor will cover:

  • Your medical history, family history, allergies, drug reactions, and immunizations.

  • Any complaints or symptoms you may currently be experiencing.

  • All medicines and supplements you take regularly.

  • Lifestyle activities as well as health topics like weight control and exercise.

Basic Physical Examination


  • Height, weight, and body temperature

  • Blood pressure and pulse

  • Eyes, eyesight, ears, mouth, neck,

  • and skin

  • Heart and vessels

  • Lungs and breasts

  • Abdomen and back

  • Extremities, and musculoskeletal

  • Urogenital

  • Nervous system

Routine Diagnostic Tests


  • Complete blood count

  • Kidney and liver profile

  • Urine analysis

  • Fasting blood sugar

  • Fasting lipid profile

  • Calcium and vitamin D level

  • Resting EKG (electrocardiogram)*

  • PSA test (for men over 40)

Medical Consultation
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