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FirstMed 5

A comprehensive health package with six months of coverage and incredible savings


Antigen Tests

Antigen tests are used as the quickest way to determine a possible COVID-19 infection. As more airlines and tourist destinations are requiring negative results for travel, the costs of a work or holiday trip will add up. FirstMed 5 offers five COVID-19 antigen tests to be used when you need them.

Total value of €110


General Practice Consultations

Your General Practitioner is an essential member of your care team - a team that centers around you and your health. With the FirstMed 5, you can take full advantage of the four included GP visits to discuss any health issues that arise.

You can also choose to remotely connect with your GP with telemedicine. It allows us to extend the reach of our services, without sacrificing the quality of our care.

Total value of €300


Orthopedic Consultations

With FirstMed 5, you have the flexibility to address any chronic orthopedic issues or the accessibility to see an orthopedic specialist if you're injured unexpectedly.


At FirstMed, we have the skills and equipment needed to perform tests, scans and treatments, clean and dress wounds, and even provide continuous care for patients with musculoskeletal diseases, such as arthritis.

Total value of €450


Diagnostic Sessions

With on-site x-ray and ultrasound, we can diagnose a wide array of illnesses and injuries and help identify the best treatment plan right away. We make it easy and convenient, getting you on the road to recovery faster. 

Screening tests can find certain conditions in their earliest and most treatable stages, even before you notice symptoms. With information from screening tests, your healthcare provider can work with you to develop preventive measures that will help you remain healthier in your later years. 


Health Maintenance Exam 

Prevention is the best medicine. During this annual physical, we'll review your risk factors that could lead to future health problems and provide expert advice on how to manage them.

During your consultation, your FirstMed doctor will cover:

  • Your medical history, family history, allergies, drug reactions, and immunizations.

  • Any complaints or symptoms you may currently be experiencing.

  • All medicines and supplements you take regularly.

  • Lifestyle activities as well as health topics like weight control and exercise.

Routine Diagnostic Tests

  • Complete blood count

  • Kidney and liver profile

  • Urine analysis

  • Fasting blood sugar*

  • Fasting lipid profile*

  • Calcium and vitamin D level

  • Resting EKG (electrocardiogram) or screening chest x-ray**

  • PSA test (for men over 40)

Basic Physical Examination

  • Height, weight, and body temperature

  • Blood pressure and pulse

  • Eyes, eyesight, ears, mouth, neck, and skin

  • Heart and vessels

  • Lungs and breasts

  • Abdomen and back

  • Extremities, and musculoskeletal

  • Urogenital

  • Nervous system

Total value of €220

FirstMed 5

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