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Covid-19 PCR Testing

We provide qualitative, high-sensitivity quantitative and molecular tests to meet your Covid-19 testing needs.

Covid-19 PCR Testing

Swab Testing

Covid-19 Testing in Rome


Even though travel restrictions for arrivals and testing rules that apply to events and venues have been relaxed, you may still need a Covid test during your stay in Rome. This could be for medical reasons or for re-entry to your home country. Some countries, airlines, or cruise operators may still require a negative antigen or PCR Covid test result in English before boarding. Good news: FirstMed issues Covid-19 test certificates in English!

Which Covid-19 tests are available at FirstMed?

There are two main types of diagnostic tests – molecular (PCR) tests and antigen tests. At FirstMed we provide both high-sensitivity quantitative rapid antigen test with results in 15 minutes and the PCR test with results in 12 or 24 hours.

PCR (Molecular Tests)

  • evaluate the genetic information (RNA) of the virus

  • are very high sensitivity - can detect even a small viral load

  • widely used for bot symptomatic and asymptomatic screenings

  • can give a result within 24 hours in English

  • cost €70

Antigen Tests (Quantitative)

  • measure viral protein

  • are high sensitivity and high-level of detection accuracy similar to some molecular tests

  • are easy and quick to perform

  • can give a result within 15-20 minutes

  • cost €15

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube
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