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Better Health of Employees Leads to Higher Productivity

This is what you will get:

Rome's First Innovative Corporate Health Card with irresistible health benefits and up-to 40% saving on out-of-pocket medical expense (General Practitioner visit, Health Maintenance, Specialized Medicine, X-ray/Ultrasound, Laboratory tests), improving better health of employees and enhancing productivity. If your employees have insurance with a high deductible/excess or co-pay, the value card might be a cost-effective solution to access the care they need. The card offers a wide range of FirstMed services at discounted prices for an annual fee​*

*As we are new to the market, and want to encourage people to experience our service, we currently offer the benefits of our Corporate Program for free simply by registering with us. 


It will lower your company's or employees' health expenses.

Please note - the card will expire 1 year after you receive it and in case of specialist appointment, the doctor will be assigned by FirstMed.

Protecting your employees' health and making them save money ultimately benefits the employer -- with overall wellness to be more productive, more motivated, and more loyal to their company.

Your employees will save up-to 40% on out-of-pocket medical expenses like General Medicine, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Specialized Medicine, X-ray/Ultrasound.

Corporate value cards can be crafted to cater to the need of your employees and their family health which not only take care of quick doctor connect but also making preventive healthcare easier to access.

Your employees will have a comprehensive health program with a holistic preventive health evaluation so that we can develop a complete understanding of their health status. Each employee will start the program with an in-depth one-on-one meeting with our health physician to understand your overall health and identify any concerns. 

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Preventive health and wellness is different for everyone. A key to long-term success is a strong relationship with a medical provider and dedicated time to have a thorough discussion of what is required to attain and maintain peak heath.

Our Health Program maximizes your employees visit time through a customized, comprehensive up to three-day itinerary of exams and tests tailored to your specific needs.

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Corporate Value Card

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Sample table - Included services and discounted prices:

General Practice / Internist Consultation
Well-child Check
Orthopedics Consultation
Nutritionist/Dietitian Consultation
ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) Consultation
Gynecology Consultation
Urology Consultation
Dermatology Consultation
Cardiology Consultation
Pediatrics Consultation
Annual Health Check
From €85
From €85

*This is a sample table. Prices subject to change.

Doctor's Appointment

Ensure savings on all future visits now!

Corporate Value Card


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